Want to Build a Great Career? Follow These Simple Steps

Want to build a great career ?

We all want to have a great career and be rich. But do you have the right coach? Read more to know how to reach those goals..

We are often pressured with questions such as : “
Beta, what plans after class 12?” , “Beta, what plans after graduation?”, “Beta, what plans after masters?”

Do you find this situation similar? Does your mind say you still haven’t figured it out yet?

Do random relatives keep pestering you with questions related to your future?

Also, do you often find yourself without a concrete answer?

Enough questions for today, I think!

Don’t worry, this article will help you plan your career ahead and shut those poking noses which keep asking you about your plans.

Career Planning: Then

Baba Aadam ke zamaane mein, i.e. earlier, there was no such concept of career ‘planning’.

Career used to be straightforward approach. 

You keep studying and then apply for a job.

One then keeps doing that 9 to 5 job until you retire or…..die. (Sounds a little dark, doesn’t it?)

Hey, hey wait. That’s what used to happen earlier. 

Today, the times have changed.

These days, an average person continues the same job for not more than 5 years.

Most youngsters switch their jobs around 10-12 times in their entire career span. They keep shifting to earn higher salary with each subsequent shift.

Change is necessary to thrive these days.

In addition, the speed of progress is increasing.

Therefore, in order to catch up with this speed, you’ll have to swim or sink.

In light of these things, it’s time you forget these old methods of ‘career planning’ and adopt modern ways.

For building a career in today’s times, you will have to adopt an adaptive career. Adaptive, because it must be able to adapt. 

Career Planning: Now

Want to Build a Great Career - planning

Finding the correct career path is not possible.

It’s impossible to find the correct career path because there isn’t any ‘correct’ career path.

It’s inevitable that the majority of individuals will switch their career paths at least once down the road.

So, you must be wondering, what this article is about if it won’t talk about your ‘correct’ career path.

Well, well, this article will talk about how you can secure your career by doing the ‘correct’ career planning.

You must have heard about ABZ planning, right?

If not, don’t worry, here is a chance for you to learn and adapt it.

ABZ Planning

Want to Build a Great Career - ABZ Planning

Don’t worry, I know my alphabet: it’s ABC!

But today we’ll discuss ABZ planning.

ABZ planning will prove to be your BFF when it comes to career planning. It will help you keep ahead of your game in this crazy world.

This type of planning will not work for the corporate sector, but also for budding entrepreneurs.

So what do A, B and Z mean actually?

Plan A 

Plan A is that thing which you’re doing correctly.

Your normal job, college degree, business startup and so on. Plan A is something which you pursuing at this very moment.

You are most likely comfortable doing what you are doing right now.

However, don’t get too comfortable.  Your plan A will most likely change down the road.

You may get fired. You may get bored. Your industry might lose its essence. Your organization might get purchased out by a bigger organization, and your area of expertise gets eliminated altogether. 

Whatever the reason behind you dropping Plan A, this is where Plan B will come in handy.

Plan B 

Plan B is the option you resort to when you escape Plan A. 

This plan can be that side project you’ve been hustling on, another opportunity you’ve been eyeing etc.

While Plan A consists of a ‘single’ option, make sure your Plan B consists of a host of opportunities i.e. ‘multiple’ options.

Plan B is the place where you can attempt and enjoy a variety of career options.

Plan A and B

 Want to Build a Great Career - Plan A and B

Now, this section is important.

It is essential to understand that A and B aren’t just two plans; rather they are two ‘approaches’.

You can consider Plan A to a mediocre plan where things are ordinary, mundane, clear and unsurprising. It has a predictable course of action.

For example, if you have an ordinary job and earn a typically fixed salary, you know that there is no single event that can make you rich suddenly.  It will take long periods of saving and investing before you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Next, you can consider Plan B to be an extreme plan where things are unstable, highly accidental and unpredictable. These characteristics can prove to be positive or negative.

For example, if you invest your entire savings on Bitcoin, you either stand a chance to lose everything or become extremely wealthy instantly.

Well, than which approach should one follow?

I advise keeping your foot in both the boats. Put greater weight of your earnings (around 80-90%) in Plan A and around 10% in Plan B.

Now you’ll ask why to bother investing in Plan B i.e. the extreme approach at all.

Because, most of life’s turning points and earning opportunities come through extreme plans. By definition, you can’t design them. 

Consider this: Kellogg’s cornflakes were invented accidentally. 

Your favorite potato chips were invented accidentally.

Therefore, some accidental inventions can turn out to be pleasant!

But before you get all excited, I would like to mention again that I am not prescribing betting everything on an extreme Plan B. An extreme plan can be amazingly positive or very negative. Truly, you could win enormous. In any case, you could likewise lose everything. Keep in mind that.

Plan Z 

Plan Z.  As Z is the last letter of the alphabet, so is this plan the last of your options.

In other words, this is your fallback choice.

It is critical to have a Plan Z just in case everything turns out badly. 

If you fail at your Plan A and Plan B, you can always depend on this arrangement.

Plan Z can be anything: a couple of months at your parents’ house, spending time with your loved ones or falling back on your savings.

Plan Z is of a temporary nature. It gives you the window to look back, reflect and bounce back with greater energy and enthusiasm into a new Plan A.

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Conclusion – Great Career

As we approach towards the end of this article, I would like to draft an outline of ABZ planning for your career.

Please pay attention and keep these pointers in mind. 

  • Start by jotting down your Plan A. This is the easiest of the lot.
  • Next, decide and write down your Plan Z. Keep in mind that Plan Z is a temporary plan.
  • Then, write down a multiple, I repeat, multiple options for Plan B.

This process will enable you to always stay on top of your career planning game. It will additionally enable you to flourish in the long run and thrive in this crazy economy.

While most people don’t plan ahead and leave it to fate, with this approach, you’ll be able to drive your own career car.

Finally, you must understand that this isn’t something you do once.

Every time your Plan A changes, it is important you return to this framework and rework your plans.

This will guarantee you’re constantly “do kadam aage” of any change!

I hope you found this career planning approach useful.That’s it folks!Keep earning with this career advice and keep saving with Bachat.

How do I make a great career?

Use the ABZ planning guideline for your career. Start by jotting down your Plan A. This is the easiest of the lot. Next, decide and write down your Plan Z. Keep in mind that Plan Z is a temporary plan.
Then, write down a multiple, I repeat, multiple options for Plan B.

Is career planning important?

Career planning is crucial to living a happy and satisfactory life. Your career choices should be flexible to suit your own passions and desires (which are flexible too!)

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