5 Simple Steps To Secure Your Future

Secure your future

Here’s how to secure your future in India, the easy way.

How exactly should you go about doing that? Saving money of course! 

One may ask firstly as to why he/she must focus on saving money to secure your future.

In my opinion, it is the most important one of integral significance.

Beginning to know how to live a good quality life on as little as needed will definitely aid and manoeuver your road towards financial independence and a secure future.

Let us assume you are currently saving 5% of your income. That means you will retire at the age of 66 years (based on a certain calculation). Is this what you would ideally desire?

I would disagree, and so would you.

Many economically intelligent people will tell you to increase that savings to at least 10%. This in turn implies that you will be able to retire at the age of 51 years.

Which is better of course isn’t it?

Let our aim here to to make you closer to retire barely seventeen years from now.

You read that right! So to do that, you will require to save around 50% of your income (or make much more than you’re making now).

17 years is much, much better than the majority. Surely, you can always do it in a smaller span of time, but oh well.

Secure Your Future By Working Hard Saving Smart

So let us commence to secure your future.

Almost instantly and automatically, be sure to save 15-20% of your income every month.

I can perceive your “whaaaaat?” exclamation from across here.

Calm down.

Realize the matter that there are solely good reasons for doing so.

Likely any sum of money which is more than the minimum wage amount is to qualify as being kept aside for savings.

This is only a nice goal. A good beginning.

You know what?

The sole purpose with mentioning “15%” was to give you a not so big blast instantly. In fact, you should really aim at least 20%.

The focal term here is ‘automatically.’ As soon as your paycheck gets encashed, 20% should be allotted straight away for someplace more useful (debt, savings, or investing). 

Let us assume you make around 50k rupees a month. Automatically, set aside 10k rupees for savings and/or investment/debt payment. Done deal. Surely you can survive on 40k rupees in one month. Just cut out on the pub and cinema plans and you will be good to go.

Did you know? If you begin religiously doing this every month, three magical things are bound to happen.Such as:-

Your starting point is better than most CA’s or finance experts, who will tell you to start with aiming to save at most 10%. Look at it on the bright side.

You are already twice as good!!

You can earn this “guarantee” with your destimy that you will be done with work 37 years from now. Isn’t that spiritually encouraging?! Consider your age as now? How much will you have had aged in 37 years from now?

Thinking this, you are entitled and enabled to immediately adjust your lifestyle accordingly and in the same time and realize that you did not actually require that large a sum of money at all.

Financially and spiritually, this will liberate you. Change is also possible. Do you think 20% is too hard to secure your future? Let me narrate and introduce to you the story of Theodore Johnson, in case you were uninitiated.

The Story Of Theodore Johnson

T.Johnson was a UPS worker who never had the chance to make more than a certain middle class income per year. Yet in his old age, he was worth millions.

Ever realized as to the methods? Let me tell you.

Each month, he would try to save 20% of his earnings and put it into the stock of the company he worked for, as an investment. He did this continuously. It was luck for sure but it was his dedication irrespective of whether the company he invested in went up or down.

Theodore is a true inspiration who has proven that you do not necessarily require a high income to become rich in the future.

Given that you have the discipline to save a decent and uniform amount every month, invest it properly, be patient and you will get there.

It also proves that even for someone living on a certain decided amount, learning to live on 80% of that amount has a HUGE long-term pro.

It is best to commence now. Honestly, the mental and financial upside is too beneficial and attractive not to do it.

Quite likely we do talk about spending lesser than usual. Solely because, that in order to become wealthy one requires to either earn much more than their expenditure, or spend much less than they earn.

The cas is, not everybody wishes to work extra so as to earn more money, and we cannot all possibly invest in a lucky stock. What we can do is control how much we save and live off. Just for the sake of being frugal?

Not at all. The way I see it, here are 3 better reasons.

3 Better Reasons

It helps you in achieving your goals faster

The more affluent your lifestyle, the more you will have to earn to retire.

Therefore, more exhaustion.

As the instances we read above, were all like fighting an uphill battle.

However, by spending a lesser amount than usual, you will be making the hill shorter until it becomes a straight easy track.

It is basic math.

Let us consider an example. Say if you are spending 40000 rupees every month, you might need to have over 40 lac rupees worth in investments before you can retire peacefully.

However if you read this post and automatically commence saving up to 20% (therefore spending 32000 rupees only, every month), instantly you will be saving alot of money, around 8000 rupees every month which will eventually make your retirement amount fatter and better for you.

It is about efficiency done the right way.

Again, this is not about being spendthrift. This is about being efficient. So you already have the luxury of reading this blog, which implies that you already are living in an abundant world.

If you have a roof over your head, running water, a phone, internet connection, and food every day; everything else you think you might require has come from sneaky marketing. Let us consider an example.

Will McAskill And His Donations

Will McAskill, the youngest associate philosophy professor in this globe. He has pledged to donate anything he makes over $36,000 per year to charity.


Because one simply does not need much more than that.

Contrarily, if you are spending money like a Bollywood starlet by driving an expensive car living in an excessively large apartment and boast of a closet full of unnecessary things that you do not even use, you are not efficient but wasteful.

Let us realize that saving is not deprivation. That money is still spent, on buying future welfare for your ownself and therefore, freedom.

It’s recommended across the world.


This skill is highly recommend and will immerse down into all aspects of your life.

Once you have mastered how to be frugal at home, you will need less money for everything else!

Whether that is commencing a business, traveling, starting a family, whatever!

Did we know that the mental benefits of knowing how little you need to survive are priceless and will save you the money spent on antidepressants and nerve relaxants?

Secure Your Future By Learning The Art Of Good Living

Commencing to habituate efficiently yet with respect, will positively influence all aspects of your life in the most positive ways possible. 

How do I get more motivation?

It is good to have a goal and a clear picture of when you wish to achieve it. 

You should most likely stop eating at restaurants.

If possible, you should probably find some roommates so that shared rent and it’s benefits.

You should also consider selling your high priced Mercedes car and buy a cheaper i10 or Jazz.

You should make it a point to stop buying so many clothes no matter how tempting Myntra’s new sale is and please for God’s sake curb the temptation of Apple gadgets and the new launches every year or so.

I am saying this from a personal experience.

You should also walk or bike to work. Besides, this would save you the drastically expensive (and unnecessary) gym membership fees.

Winding up, as I can say, make a budget if not already made, breathe and practice being mentally so strong you are not deviated from your money saving goals. Eyes on the prize.

Why should I secure my financial future?

You should plan ahead to secure your financial future because it’ll immensely help you in your journey to financial freedom!

How can I secure my future financially?

The best way to secure you financial future is to save your money, invest it, live a frugal life and wait till your assets start generating an income that is enough to support your expenses.

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