Moving Houses on a Budget!

Moving House Move Your Budget

While moving house will definitely mark a new phase in your life, you might be thinking why there is a need to budget and plan for moving. After all, it’s just moving!

You might find moving a house seemingly easy exercise, however it is one of the top-most stress inducers in an individual.

It is ranked after death and divorce!

Read that sentence again to realize the ‘importance’ of planning and budgeting for moving day.

Therefore, while moving and shifting to a new place, house etc. are dreaded, you can avoid all the stress by strategically planning ahead for it.

Each move you make signifies an entirely new and fresh phase of your life. You can make this process budget-friendly by following simple tips enlisted here.

1. Plan Ahead

Moving House Move Your Budget - plan

Of course, you must be thinking what is there to plan about it. You just need to put stuff in boxes and move them to your new house, right?


In order to stay ahead of your game and not forget essential things, you must plan and organize beforehand. Planning is the essentially the simplest way that will make your moving day enjoyable and budget-friendly rather than stressful.

While it seems like a simple task to arrange and pack things, moving eats up a whole lot of your physical as well as emotional energy.

To avoid draining out, it is best to develop checklists belonging to various categories and utilizing at every step on the way.

With Bachat app you can create Budget for moving house and save effortlessly for your goals.

2. Discard a few things

Moving House Move Your Budget - discard

Indians have a great habit of storing and preserving things even when they are not used at all (Sarcasm intended!)

Although it’s difficult to let go of some things which, say, you have been collecting since your childhood, trust me it is better to discard them and make space for some new memories.

As I said, moving takes a toll on the emotional quotient of a person forcing him/her to get rid of things which were once held very dear.

Preparing for a move essentially means preparation for a new life. Therefore, I suggest that you start using things and loving people, rather than doing the opposite in this new life.

Try not to clutch things that never again fill a need in your life. Keeping close to old but useless things will only add to junk both in your new house and your heart.

3. Find a Suitable Moving Organization

Moving House Move Your Budget - suitable organisation

If you have time, and you’re willing to put effort into your moving exercise, you can very easily save a whole lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on moving organizations.

However, if you have the cash to spend on the services of a moving organization, you must survey carefully and then pick an organization. It is important that you are aware of the ongoing rates in the market.  

You can also look for moving organizations on the internet.

You can also bargain the rate if you offer to pack up your stuff on your own. This way, you can save money along with ensuring that your stuff is packed properly.

4. Try not to spend cash on boxes

Moving House Move Your Budget - cash on boxes

Boxes might appear as cheap, in reality, when you have to purchase them in bulk just for shifting your stuff, they no longer seem cheap.

Therefore, paying for boxes can rapidly drive up the expense in your moving budget. Moving organizations assume that you will not be organized enough and will therefore end up paying extra money to them for the boxes along with the service.

However, what most of us don’t realize is that boxes are present all over, literally!

It is just that you have to stay attentive and be ready to ask politely to get hold of those boxes.

To begin with, offices are goldmines for boxes. You can save some easy money by utilizing boxes from your own office if it has some.

Furthermore, you can approach colleagues, relatives and friends to spare boxes for you, before moving day, so that you’re well prepared to pack when it’s time.

Though it may sound a bit extreme, but if your ‘box requirement’ is still not met, you can ask friends online on social media handles to give you boxes, or rather lend some, if they happen to have extra.

5. Try to move in the ‘off-season’

Moving House Move Your Budget - seasons

That’s right; there is an ‘off-season’ for moving as well.

Most people prefer moving during summers to avoid the hassles of extreme weather conditions like chilly winters or worse, monsoon.

Since the last thing anyone wants is rain to destroy all their packing and inside materials, people intentionally avoid moving during monsoon in India.

Since people like you and I are always on a budget, we can take advantage of this opportunity.

If your calendar is adaptable, moving in the off-season can save you some big bucks.

It might require some extra planning in order to move in monsoon, but it’s no big deal. You can easily check the weather forecasts and decide on a day on which there are least chances of precipitation predicted.   

With the vast majority of people moving during the hotter months, you can benefit by moving during monsoon in the way that moving organizations are desperately searching for business during the off-season. This allows you to negotiate the best deal and grab a lower rate for their service.

6. Plan your Utilities

Utilities planning

While moving and managing stuff is easy, moving and managing utilities like gas and water connections are not.

Planning your utility services is going to help you save money when you move.

It is important you start the services at your future place only when you move and not before that. Why pay for services you aren’t utilizing yet? But make sure you contact your new service organization in order to inform them about your moving date, so that you can be assured that everything is prepared for you when you finally enter your new house.

Decide when you will move and when the utilities ought to be turned off in your present home. Make sure to get a meter reading so as to know the exact amount you owe before you bid farewell to your old spot.

If you want to cut your utilities significantly prior to your moving day in order to save some extra cash, you can do so by opting to live with friends or family while you pack up your home.

7. Give yourself more Moving House Time

Moving House Move Your Budget - more time

When it comes to moving, the majority of people want to get it over with as quick as possible.

However, let me state an old saying: If you have time, you have money.

This is literally true in this case. If you slow down your moving exercise and give yourself time, you can save a lot of money in the process.

If you have time, you can easily pack all your boxes by yourself and even move them in small lots to your new place.

Obviously, this only works in case you’re moving to a close-by area—not in case you’re moving to some other city or across state boundaries.

8. Plan your food supplies

Food supplies

While talking about moving, what we often tend to forget is the ‘unpacking’ bit.

Unpacking takes almost as much time as moving does and can prove to be a surprisingly procrastinated task.

A situation may arise when you find yourself unable to cook food just because the required tools are buried somewhere deep in one of the 100 boxes you previously packed.

While ordering in or eating out may seem like a lucrative option at first, it quickly starts becoming an expensive and unhealthy one.

To keep away from situations like these, I advise you prepare food in advance like frozen paranthas before you move. This way, you can take your time to unpack and still won’t have to starve.

Moving can be a hectic task, but not anymore if you follow these easy approaches that will make this process both enjoyable and budget-friendly.

If you are looking to rent a house our buy house do read our blog for House Buying Tips. You can also plan on how much one should spend on rent to save more.

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