Smartly Pick A House Location To Become Wealthier Than You Ever Imagined

House Location to become Wealthier

Your house location can make you Wealthier, Healthier and Happier. Yes, you read that right. Read to find out more…

What’s your address?

You must be wondering why I am asking this all of a sudden. Have I opened a real estate business?

Well, I wish! 

Jokes apart, I am asking for your address, because today we will be discussing how your residence location i.e. your living spot can make a difference in your:

  • Financial
  • Physical 
  • Mental

Well-being and health.

Where you live can actually make you richer, happier and healthier.

Your House Location

Picking the correct House location for living is important. More important than you can perhaps imagine.

This is because it can make or break you!

I know a lot of us don’t put a lot of thought into it. But it’s time you realize this importance of this seemingly small decision.

To begin with, let enlist a few significant things that matter when it comes to choosing a location for your home sweet home:

  • Distance to work
  • Distance to market
  • Cost 
  • Distance to school (I know, I know you have completed your schooling! This is if you have kids, or plan to have kids)

Please take a moment to notice how none of these pointers say “the place must be decent and beautiful”. In other words, if you live far away from work just to live in a ‘nice’ place, then I’m sorry to say my friend, you are indirectly harming yourself.

Obviously, I am not advising moving to an unsafe neighborhood just for the sake of living closer to work.

It is important to understand that picking a spot for living should not revolve around tangible aspects of beauty and decent living like impeccable flooring or maybe a spectacular kitchen.

If you are planning o buy your own house don’t forget to read tips on how to buy a house in India.

Instead, it’s closely tied in with where you want your life to revolve around. You can renovate and redesign according to your taste, but you cannot always move. So, location is everything, even if sometimes means paying a liiitle extra.

After all, living in the correct spot gives you back time, happiness and community.

Voila! We just cracked the magic formula of deciding where to live:

Live where you want your life to revolve. (Read that again)

This automatically implies that you must live where your work and market are walking distances from your place.

But wait, it’s not that easy. Now you must be thinking that the area around my workplace costs more.

I agree. This can happen. 

But let me ask you, have you ever tried to calculate how much you spend on commute to and fro your work?

Calculating your transport cost

 House Location to become Wealthier - transport

Transportation seems like an irrelevant category to consider saving money for.  But if you undertake a detailed analysis of your daily transportation costs, you’ll realize a huge amount of your income goes into transportation and related avenues.

Let us consider a hypothetical situation where you own your own petrol car.

Let’s imagine that it takes you around half an hour to reach your workplace i.e. 30 minutes.

Assuming it gives an average of somewhere between 10 to 13 km, and your average speed to be around 50 km/hour, we’ll calculate your per minute cost of commuting.

Given the current petrol rate is Rs. 75.82/-, you’re currently paying approx. Rs. 4.82 every minute you drive.

So your one-sided drive costs you Rs.144.6 i.e. around Rs. 150. In a day, you end up spending Rs. 300 to commute to your workplace.

Given you work for 6 days a week, it takes up the monthly cost of your office commute to around         Rs. 7,800/-

In a year, that’s roughly Rs.90,000/- (yes, you read that right!)

Also, in the event that your drive is longer than what we assumed here, I have some really bad news for you, my friend.

Remember how used to think living near your work will prove to be costly? Well, that’s old news now.

Instead of spending Rs. 7,800 per month on commute, you can instead rent a place close by to your work which is Rs. 8,000 more expensive than your current spot. Even with this arrangement, trust me you’ll still end up saving.

Saving both money and…time!

Assuming you spend 1 hour in commuting to and from office every day, you can easily save that time if your office is walking distance from your place.

And as I often state: time is money, baby!

What if I live in an expensive city?

What if I live in Bangalore? Or Mumbai?

Well, I know these cities are costly at another level, but consider this: you get to work in a city which is a large money-making machine.

Also, it wouldn’t matter much if you are in the tech/IT line and live in Bangalore. Or maybe you are into theatre and acting and live in Mumbai.

Remember, the best thing is to live in a place which is overflowing with opportunities related to your work line. Hence, paying excess for ordinary things is justifiable in such cases.

The genuine value of your Neighborhood


This is perhaps one of the first things you notice when you’re on the lookout for a new place to live in.

Let me tell you one thing, what neighborhood you live in doesn’t make a difference. 

Obviously, you must be thinking what rubbish is this. Obviously it matters.

If I ask you to choose between Delhi’s Greater Kailash and Amar Colony, obviously you’ll say that Greater Kailash is superior.

But you must realize what is more important than your neighborhood? 

Community and relationships.

It won’t make a difference how many Audis are parked in your neighborhood. What matters at the end is how good a company you have in your neighborhood.

If you feel isolated in your apparently ‘rich’ neighborhood, trust me you will become very sad and dull eventually.

It is true that our family time is increasingly decreasing (just trying my hand at wordplay!)

With increasing office hours and commute time, we are not able to do much when we get back home and just hit our bed while blankly watching some Netflix show.

But, to feel energized and rejuvenated, it is important you spend some quality time with your friends and family daily in order to relax and take some time off from the daily mundane rituals.

Regardless of where you live, feeling accomplished companionship wise will decide whether you like or place or not.

House Location : Extra Benefits

House Location to become Wealthier - Extra Benefits

I know, I know.

I have probably convinced you enough to relocate near your workplace.

But if you are still not convinced, worry not, I have yet another reason (I’m a genius, my god!) for why you should shift to a space which walking distance from your office.

That reason is health.

Do you which is the best form of exercise?

You might not know what helps with feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety?

Can you guess what is touted as the number one technique for losing weight? (ugh, this belly fat)

I know: Walking!

Not only is this the best habit you can probably inculcate in your daily routine, walking can help you in other ways as well.

Walking has been constantly linked with higher levels of creativity. Your creativity instinct shots up when you start walking.

Studies have demonstrated that walking for even 30 minutes a day is the ideal and perhaps the only medicine your body demands.

I hope I have convinced you and now you’ll probably:

  • Relocate to a place closer to work
  • Try to shorten your drives
  • Build a community within your neighborhood

Planning to relocate, these hacks will help you move houses on a budget.

Start walking today and you’ll end up saving enough for an Audi one day!

Happy walking!

Hopefully this will help choose the right House Location to help you save better.

Don’t forget to download our app Bachat to start your savings journey!

What is the best location to buy a house?

The best location to buy a house is where the living cost is low, value of neighbourhood is high, and connectivity to the rest of the city is high.

Why should I smartly pick my house location?

Smartly picking your house location will save you massive amounts of money in the long run. Money that you can invest in other avenues and grow your wealth!

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