9 Best Investment Options In 2019

9 Best Investment Options In 2019

Choosing the right investment option can be a tricky thing. Here we have 9 Best Investment Options in 2019 curated specially for you…

Often, it is heard that what is comfortable in investing is not profitable. While some people follow the old thinking that investment is meant to save and not earn out of it.

As humans, we tend to think that we must make an investment that gives us the highest returns as compared to others and with minimum risks.

However, It is disappointing to know that no investment plan contains a combination of both high returns and lower risks. in India, all the investment options have a basic principle. It follows that the higher the returns of an investment option, the higher the risk associated with it and vice versa.


Different types of investment options

So, you need to understand your own priorities and the appetite of risk you can take and you have to decide on these factors. You should make a decision which suits you well. Everyone has our plans for investment, but we are in a constant search for a better option.

At the same time, we do not want to fail by investing in the wrong option. You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of every investment option and then invest.

In this article, we have listed for you the best investment options with the advantages and disadvantages and you can choose from them according to your needs and desires and then invest accordingly in 2019.

So here we bring to you the best investment options to make in the year 2019 in India.


The investment options can be divided into two parts- one is financial assets, other is non-financial assets. Financial assets are then again divided into market-linked products and fixed-income products.

As the name suggests, marketing products are the ones that involve investment plans which are linked with the market forces of supply and demand.

Stocks and mutual funds come under this. Here is why investing can be important – why you should start investing now.

However, while fixed income products are the ones who are not depending on the market and have options like Public Provident Funds, fixed deposits Etc.

As the other type was non-financial assets, it refers to gold and investments in real estate.


There is nothing like growing your money overnight, but there is a formula by which you can evaluate how much time it will take for you to double your money.


The formula comes under the rule of 72. The rule of 72 states that you need to divide 72 by the rate of interest and this will tell you how much time it will take for you to double your money.

Now some people may promise you to double your money in one year. When you put it into the formula, it gives you higher returns, which is very unrealistic and most probably it is a scam so, you should be aware of such kinds of things.

Now, a very important aspect of an investment is compounding.

Compounding is nothing but earning interest on the principal amount invested. Compounding is a very good way to grow your wealth because it reinvests all the earnings.

Also, you get the interest not only the principal you invested but also, you get the interest on interest from next year. So even with a small capital, you can really build a large corpus.

If you want a great return out of your investments, then you need to make sure that you start investing early and you keep on reinvesting i.e. you stay in the market for quite a time.

Now let’s get started with the best investment options in 2019.

Public Provident Fund

As a salaried person, you might have a regular pension account in which you contribute over time. Investing in public provident fund saves a lot of taxes and all the deposits made are deductible under section 80C.

At the time of the withdrawal, the principal and interest are exempted from tax. It has an upper hand because it gives you more interest rates as compared to the fixed deposits in a bank.
Time taken to double the investment is 9 years.

However, keep in mind that the account cannot be closed before 15 years and you can partially withdraw from your account only after completion of 6 years.

National Pension System as an investment option

The national pension system scheme is portable across different locations. Investments up to 1.5 Lakh in Tier 1 are exempted from taxes under section 80C.

In addition to this, you can claim an amount of 50 thousand rupees for tax benefits. So in all, you can save 2 lakh rupees of tax. The approximate return per year is 8 to 10%.

However, keep in mind that you cannot withdraw before 60 years of age. After the age, you can withdraw only 60% of the total amount and this is tax-free and the rest 40% is received by you in the form of a regular pension.

Equity Linked Savings Scheme

Equity Linked Savings Scheme Investment Option

As compared to other options, Equity Linked Savings Scheme offers a higher return rate of about 15 to 18%.

Any earning which is over the amount of 1 lakh rupees is taxable and the lock-in period is of 3 years.

It takes around 4 to 5 years to double your money in this scheme. Approx return which you get per year is 15 to 18%. The tax percentage is 10%.

Fixed Deposit

If you want to consider safe investment options without investing in equities, then you should go for this option.

Fixed deposits of any bank or post office will do the job for you. The interest rates depend on the bank and usually are in the range of 6 to 8%.

The interest is taxable and the lock-in period is of 5 years.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans as an investment option

These insurance plans not only give you the option to create wealth but come with the life cover.

The premium which is paid is eligible for deduction according to section 80C. The returns are exempted from tax. The returns could be really high if the market performs well.

Keep in mind that it has a lot of fees and charges and management charges are also high.

These were the best options which are safe also and suitable for a salaried person. Let us have a look at investment plans with high returns.

Mutual Funds

Mutual fund best investment option

Mutual Funds are best suited for people who want to balance both risk and returns. It is because mutual funds don’t involve the higher risk of sharing equities and low risk of fixed deposits. It is a market-linked product.

They balance the return and risk ratio by providing a fund manager to you who will invest funds for you.

Mutual Funds are further divided into different categories that are equity mutual funds and debt mutual funds. For equity mutual funds, the returns for 1 year are 15%, for 3 years 15% and for 5 years it is 20%.

The same return percentage for debt mutual funds is 6.5%, 8%, and 7.5%. If you do not have time and expertise in markets, then you can go for Mutual Funds.

They are the safest and most convenient investment options today.

Approximate return per year which Mutual Funds offer is 16% and it takes about 4.5 years to double your money.

It involves expense ratios and has high risk and also, are affected by the movements in the market.

Direct Equity Investment

As you might have read or heard that all equity investments have a higher risk. Hence, they are capable of giving you higher returns.

You should opt for this investment option only if you are ok with losing about 50% of your capital and you can take the risk.

Real Estate as an investment option

The house or properties that you have for your own personal use do not come under commercial real estate.

On the other hand, commercial real estate gives you rental income and capital appreciation.

It has a higher appreciation owing to the demand for office space and the growing corporate environment. In India. it is one of the most preferred investment options today present in India.

So, any extra property that you own can be considered as a real estate investment. A very important factor to consider while investing in real estate is the location of the investment.

You need to make sure that the location of your property has all the basic amenities and has a good quality neighborhood.

If you play smart and invest smartly in any office or shop spaces you not only get high returns, but you also get the diversification of investment assets. However, keep in mind the limitation of real estate is that it is illiquid.

In India, it is a very popular option because of the good earnings it gives and the less risk associated with it.

The limitations include that the selling of real estate takes time. The returns vary from property that is totally dependent on the location.

Gold as an investment option

In India, people are extremely proud of their gold and it is something that they buy often. But, let us not forget that gold is a great jewelry option, but it is also a great investment and it’s like a big brother to you in times of recession.

It’s very clear that at the time of recession, whatever may go down, gold prices will not. Investing in gold is, therefore, a very safe option, but you have to make efforts to ensure that the gold you buy is kept safe.

You can also buy a gold ETF. It refers to stocks that can be bought and sold by keeping gold as an underlying asset. It is a safe and cost-effective way of investing in gold.

Hence gold is a great investment option because it gets come continuously appreciated in the market due to its value.

CONCLUSION – Best Investment Options

We combined the list of best investment options available in 2019. So you should compare and read thoroughly about them and then make a decision.

Make sure you invest in the best investment option for you and best suited to your needs.

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