5 Way To Save Money By Avoiding Marketing Traps

save money kim kardashian advertisement

Want to know how easy it is to save money once you’re aware of how marketing work? Read on.

Let us picture a very well advertised, quirky, attractive, and attention grabbing image. As below:

save money advertisement kim kardashian

What would be the scenario? 

We are caught then to be staring at the ‘image’ longer than normal. This is normal, as that was the intention of the marketers who were behind the cause of the image.

Consider their invested money and psychological research , and lo! Our brains are left with no chance.

After all. Looking does not cause pain, does it?

However, if one goes from simply viewing to the extent of pulling out their wallet and attempting a purchase, that is when their hand should be pinched.

Sure, looking hurts not, but if one goes from viewing a striking advertisement to punching a hole in their wallet the very next minute, then congratulations (in the sarcastic manner).

You are now a victim of sly (modern) marketing.

Modern Marketing  

I will attempt not to dwelve into detail since one of my favorite documentaries, “The Century of the Self” already has done the deed.

However, know this. On the onset of World War I, Edward Bernays constructed the world,differently.

Edward Bernays who?

Well, the relative of Sigmund Freud. So how did he do it all?

It all began one fine occasion when he happened to send his uncle a packet of cigarettes and in return, he received a publication of Sigmund’s book, “A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis”.

On reading the book is when Bernays developed revolutionary ideas which changed the world and, in the process, made him one of the most influential multimillionaires in America.

For, he knew that it was not impossible to goad people into behaving silly if you can manage to connect products to their innermost passions and wants. 

One can continue with Bernay’s genius and it will take time. For it is he who was the enterprising soul who initiated the connecting of products to movie stars by methods including product placement in films, dressing the filmstars in movie related parties with clothes and jewels from other firms he was associated with.

That man was a genius as his ideas live on today.

Battle against marketing

The advertising-ness has become so big that even talent based industries are now dependant on talentless individuals that somehow manage to have good advertising.

Whom to thank?

Bernays, of course!

The largest firms today are strict advertisers.

Google, Facebook, Apple. The most successful firms buy feelings and sell things. For example, a well informative blog will never appear on the first click on google, but an uninformative one with fancy layering, will.

How to counter act it? 

5 principles that will help you fight back and save money

Here, we all are a frail Sita going up against Raavan. On the brighter side, this information shall be your powerful weapon.

For, knowledge is power, isn’t it. So, it is up to you to heed my advice or continue crying on your binge shopping. Or you could switch your psychological gears to save money.

Remember There Are Good And Bad Advertisments

Advertising is not all bad.

When it is for the purpose of something you needed to purchase irregardless, discount advertisements are beneficial. An ad that saves your money is a friend in need and a friend in deed.

However, if you end up buying something which you had not intended to, and bought it solely because of the attractive discount tag, you have been a victim of psychological marketing! 

Many people in this nation are in debt and what could be a better reason.

We just have to do is look at how the average person’s garage, or basement is running out of storage space. It is full of useless items from instances people have been victimised.

If a product costs 100 rupees, and it is on sale for 75 rupees, and only then do you decide to buy it, you did not save 25 rupees but only have spent an excessive 75 rupees.

You did not save money, you spent it.

Advertisements are harmful when companies advertise their plan for 169.99 rupees/ month but have a small “*conditions apply” beside the price mentioned.

It is only that on reading the tiny letters one realizes the price will escalate to 5099.99 rupees after 12 months.


And we all thought the ‘Ashwatthama, itī gaja’ phrase tactic was purely mythological.

Say No to Objects, Yes to Happiness

There is an enemy of us by the name of Habituation.

What is it?

It is more important to know that it can apply to innumerable instances. Let us only focus on talking about purchasing things, for now.

Why only focus on objects?

Since, when you buy something new the same pattern repeats itself. It is exciting for sure, for a while.

Sooner or later, the enthusiasm gathers off (that is HABITUATION), storehouses fill up and we, being humans and rational animals, begin searching for something else to waste money upon.

While ‘shopping till you drop’ may be a pro, the cons are the worst, and that is that you are left with lesser money than before!

So, why do we go on to buy items which bring momentary volatile feelings of being happy instead of a permanent one? Is it because ‘you only live once’?

Let us look at it scientifically. There are two weapons to destroy habituation: variety and time.

Variety: For we know that doing the same thing over and over again gets exhaustive. This is why nobody cares about the first Sabyasachi autumn winter collection ensemble anymore.

Let us admit it.

We can only utilize the same things a few times before getting tired of them eventually.

This is why trends have “seasons”, and styles change. It is wiser to spend your money, if at all, on unique things and not some over hyped over advertised item simply because it is a trend. 

Trust me with this. I bought the Apple iPhone5c (yellow) on it’s very launch in India back in December 2013, punching a hole of around 60k rupees in our monthly expenses.

I have suffered alot due to that stupidity as I was neither able to listen to music on that properly without using another expensive additive of 3G internet (which came quite costly, back then), and as I did not have a credit card, purchasing songs on iTunes was a no-no.

So there I was, with a phone priced in gold but almost as low utility as a phone costing 1000 rupees. Yet again, I failed to save money.

For example, instead of buying iPhone after iPhone only to get rid of them later, it would be better to consider investing on an unforgettable trip to your dream destination, or taking your beloved to a fancy restaurant and/or holiday.

“Unique” is much better than “common”, always remember.

Time: Doing something very frequently will get exhaustive. Say if you were to order pizza and watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and dance to Bole Chudiyan, every night, believe it or not, eventually and quicker than expected, you would get tired of it.

However if done once a year for Diwali and you land yourself with an unforgettable moment.

It may sound stereotypical and absurd at first, but it is best to realize that paying for activities you like every now and then is better than paying for them on a regular basis.

Realize that, going to, say, Hong Kong once a year is terrific fun, but when done every month, it will end up pinching your pocket and you in turn will begin to prefer your homemade karela rather than the fancy meifoon noodles in front of you.

Never ignore the drastic effects of habituation, and do not let it spoil something that is extraordinary for you. “Rarely” is more well received than “often”.

The main thing is this: If you are to spend money, purchasing the same things in different ways will make not make you happy but it will make you poor. On the contrary, purchasing unique instances and making them cherished will make you happy and rich (and healthy).

Temptation is a SIN when you’re trying to save money

An even better solution is going sanyaasi like our revered spiritual leaders and thus reduce our expenses by realizing the essence of our existence. If that is not possible, then try these.

Firstly, get rid of cable TV. Honestly. Pay the membership fees on Netflix or Voot if you must watch entertainment every now and then. That will also spare you from all the unnecessary brain washing McDonalds, Life Insurance and Harpic advertisments every 15 minutes. 

Also, those emails.

That come with promotions and click here links. Learn to spare your browser, too. Use an advertisement blocker and make sure it is pro and not trial version.

You will then be able to search the web sans those annoying pop up ads. Thus, the lesser you see ads the less temptation occurs to buy anything online. Also, it will save you much more time and energy.

Have a Clear Aim For Your Financial Expenses and Allocations To Save Money

If you do not know how to save your money, the big companies will gladly tell you how not to keep it. It is practically impossible to maintain a rich outlook without actually being rich.

So the next time one witnesses their favourite Bollywood darling wearing something that they like, it is wise to remember that the celeb must have not paid for it on their own.

The average Bollywood celebrity gets a lot of money worth of free goodies every year.

They are also paid to use it, unlike us. So, of course, they do use it!

If the celebs in spite of their huge wealth do not pay for those items, then in which sense should you? Certainly when you don’t have half as much money as they possess.

Make Adaptation Your Friend To Save Money

In layman’s words, what the term ‘Hedonic Adaptability’ refers to is that ‘no matter what happens to you in your life, you’ll very quickly get used to it’.

A very intriguing example of this was a 1978 psychology experiment that evaluated the happiness levels of recent lottery winners, and recently injured paraplegics relative to the normal population.

As expected, the lottery winners were quite energetic  immediately after their win, and the paraplegics were very sad and dismayed.

However, within a span of only two months, both groups of people had come back to the average level of happiness. 

This is specifically directed towards people who live in a false notion that spending less will make them unhappy.

There is nothing like that in reality.

Humans have an ability to adapt to everything. That is what makes our species the rational animal.

That is why one can go back to feeling normal after getting fired, a harsh breakup or even a financial loss. It takes around a time of, say, two months. But it always happens.

If you are worried that staying away from advertisements and spending less money will not make you happy, you are underestimating your brain which is a natural genius, unlike our programmed algorithms.

Winding up, let us recall what we learned today. How to win the marketing battles we face every day? 

  • Remember that there are good ads alongside bad ads
  • Forget objects, buy happiness.
  • Avoid temptation whatsover
  • Have a decided goal for your money
  • Make Hedonic Adaptation your go-to.
What are marketing traps?

Marketing traps are targeted campaigns used to entice unsuspecting people into buying a product/service on impulse.

Why should I avoid marketing traps to save money?

Once you start seeing through marketing traps, your impulse purchases drastically decrease. A direct result of this is that you’ll end up with a lot more disposable money that you can put to good use!

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