4 Habits To Get Rich, Wealthy and Successful

get rich

Get rich

Get rich, wealthy and successful, isn’t that what we all want to do?

As far as the title states, what does it refer to?


There is one integral and powerful blockage to success, and that is being pessimistic.

It is utterly advisable that, as we do with bad plants and insects, we must kill all pessimism before it dwelves into trouble and itches one’s wellbeing.

So what is pessimism, another word for negativity, isn’t it?

What can be the best way to counteract it? It’s antonym, positivity.

So why be positive?One may think, at this moment, why is being positive being stressed upon in the first place “positivity?

This was to do solely with money right?

However, let us take one glance at a number of money related bloggers or people who have just found gold, by a certain reason or the other.

It can be noticed that they would be speaking about being positive in every way and part and parcel!

This thus signifies as to the importance of this, specifically when in the case of speaking about finances.

For it is logically valid after all.

Isn’t financial independence strongly a mental play?

Plan v/s Practicality

Yes, I would be sounding overtly philosophical at this moment. However, it is important to pause and give one thought (or two) regarding it.

Had it been so easy, all it would require is a paper and a plan showcasing a number of mathematical calculations and, done! Get Rich East!

Could one actually simply and blindly take those above-mentioned fancied methods and get rich in a certain time period?

Could one possibly suppose that that was actually sufficient for them?

Sorry to break it out so harshly and bluntly, but, no.

So why would it be the case?

Here is where the enjoyment and hard reality initiates (and where the complaints pop out).

So people may be heard stating, “It is not possible to survive only on 25% of my total remuneration earned!” Or, “What do you mean? Purchase only a Rs. 4 lakh vehicle, one that is cheaper than what I can actually afford? That won’t go with my reputation at work!”

Or, “I wish to ‘actually live life and not slave away saving everything’! I will be spending Rs. 100 on drinks and also will indulge in buying expensive designer clothing.” The list of complains would go on, so on, so forth.

A Poor man stays poor by acting rich. A Rich man stays rich by acting poor.

So why would this be ideally not a correct approach?

Well, if you use these aforementioned plethora of excuses to explain why you cannot save any money from your income, you are only acting as your own foe!

You, as a matter of fact, have not at all made any effort whatsoever. Also, you will not try.

Because one might keep ignorantly repeating the same mistake perpetually, in the wait for an out of the blue miracle when ignoring the undeniable truth that there innately was your miracle then and there!

Note: It is best to address this article mostly to everyone who has been heard saying spending $10 on drinks and living fabulously, purchasing expensive items, carelessly, is a means that one gets to ‘be happy and win at life’ despite being in grave debt.

I wish to state this in such minute detail herein, as this is the most common argument widely heard.

Staying Focused

Let us imagine this.

The above-mentioned scenario is the replica of the case wherein a morbidly obese person, immersed in a couch tells you “But I’m not going to work out!

I only wish for my burgers and chocolate milkshakes, as it makes me ‘happier’ ” in spite of having to require to mount a 3-wheel scooter at the occasion of every Walmart visit.

So, as an advice it would be good to say, that simply do not fall for that, no matter what! Believe me, that you will later on deeply regret having have had hurt your future just so you could enjoy the current moment/(s).

Please, also, leave the ‘You only live once’ notion as you would be doing yourself and the world a big favour.

Is Success Easy?

Success never comes easy, is what we have heard and mostly overlooked thanks to the regular advertisements of lottery and the overhyping of lotteries and gambling attempts gone lucky, widely showcased in movies.

But truly, anything worth doing is not easy and the path gets tough.

Likewise, the way to financial independence is full with challenges (which one can and has to therefore learn to overcome). This is why such a motivational article may be the very significant in the long run, that is, if it invokes some sense in you.

If it does invoke some sense in you, you would have realized by now that before anything else, you will have to depend on positivity.You will have to keep a positive attitude and stay focused.

Is positivity all you actually need?

It is presumable to say that we all have a prior of knowledge the answer.

Thus we can say, no.

Had it been so, then every individual who has read Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” would be successful by now.

I do adore the notion and idea of positivity, but it is simply not enough. However, it is an irreplaceable mandate! We should keep in mind, that, being positive does not necessarily mean that you will surely win without any hassle or insecurities.

However, being pessimistic definitely means that you will definitely be the loser.

The vital factor that positivity will give you is the ability to take on any activity and decide your next step without second doubts. If one does not presuppose that doing something will work, then they will not do it.

It is really that clearly comprehensible. Surely, a certain sort of intelligence surely should be applicable here.

That, irrespective of how positive you are, buying a Powerball lottery ticket only gives you a very undecided and scarce 1 in 292 million chance at winning.

Those are not dependable conditions! It’s sad to break it to you, but truth is harsh so here goes.

There is nothing your attitude of staying positive can help in this scenario. 

Is there any alternative to a ‘positive attitude’?

A good alternate is to learn and make utility of probability to one’s own advantage and desired goal.

It is always easy to speculate what could go wrong or as unexpected, and anyone who’s an over thinking expert like me or is quite clever, might enjoy pointing out the realities to be kept in mind.

Instantaneously, whenever one tells someone not to indulge in pessimiss, the answer mostly heard will include the words

“Oh, I’m not being a pessimist, just predictions of the reality are being given”, and

“Firstly, I’m a realist”.

It is important to accept the fact that outside conditions rarely will have a hand in shaping a future for you.

It is your inside conditions, and your decisions and due attempts, that do. If you are pessimistic, you will surely never be able to take the right decision when needed.

Being more positive

Outlined herewith are some of the most common methods taken as per successful financial independence bloggers:-

Stop watching the news

It is always recommended to avoid watching the news.

They will just put you in a more exhausted mental condition and let you forget about your goals or whatever you had planned to do for the day thus causing an incoherency in your set of plans, thus affecting your future.

In the case that you are an informed citizen of your nation, it is advisable to make usage of more positive websites so as to avoid unnecessary stress.

If one is deeply passionate and inquisitive about global events, then the best they can opt for is to read The Economist once a week.

For, staying informed can be rather expensive as the regular newspaper does not come free, and you could reduce your monthly expenses by a considerable amount.

Curb the habit to complain at every instance to get rich

This is very close to self-destruction as it is. Remember, that one’s decisions deeply affect their future. There is a reason for such a thing known as ‘the placebo effect’.

For, actually, your thoughts do help in formulating your fate!

Therefore, if one tells you to save 50% of your earnings and you reply stating that such is next to impossible because of a whimsical reason, you are just building your own reality!

Take responsibility of your problems to get rich

Playing a blame game on the economy, the current president or prime minister you may not favour, or your current conditions for being the root cause of your issues is like blaming the existence of McDonalds for your excessive weight-gain.

Unless it is something you cannot possibly alter, the complaints are seriously, baseless. However, people keep repeating it, unbeknownst. There exist people who complain they “don’t have time”.

It is almost the case that when people say that they also simultaneously can be witnessed to be spending hours watching Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.

People who whine regarding their health issues are the ones who spend zero minutes, seconds, hours in a gym or on a bike.

People who have complained as to how impossible it is to save money are the ones who are seen driving a $40k leased car. If somebody is turning bankrupt due to $5,000 or $10,000 in medical expenses, it is actually not due to the medical expenses at all.

It was the fact that they did not have $5–10k available.This is a situation that is advisable to get out from even prior to buying the first restaurant meal.

Thus, save more and count your savings before your blessings.

Embrace the challenges to get rich

Rounding off, let me add that if you are striving to remember one thing from this passage, let is be that not being comfortable all the time has a role in giving you what you want.

Not only does every struggle bring with it a valuable lesson, everything that is good can only be achieved through a certain level of discomfort.

As they say, no pain, no gain.

Let us consider some natural examples. Say if you are in a bad mood, a frigid shower will instantly lighten you.

If you feel unhappy with your current body shape, working out and sweating will put you in good shape. If you are suffering from bad grades in school, studying will improve them drastically.

If you have debt, selling stuff and living on instant noodles will help you do away with it. For it is important to know that anything you want in life has to be earned by you, solely.

Luck, is not a factor.

Although yes, the struggle behind success and the journey to get rich is almost always hidden so much in this world that whatever success often achieved is seen as luck.

Yes, talent without ambition is like a bird without wings, but it is upto us to let the bird fly.

What are some habits of rich people?

Most rich people believe in making their money work for them, rather than working for money in exchange for their time.

Do you need to be frugal to become rich?

Although you don’t necessarily have to be frugal to grow your wealth, being so certainly accelerates your growth and the chances of you actually becoming wealth one day! Remember, being rich is a mindset.

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